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Dollar Bill in Jar
Tell us how much money you want to save for your beauty expenses
Choose a one or two year payment plan - whichever helps you save comfortably
We will deposit your yearly amount onto your B$A debit card

Your B$A will allow you to stay beautiful without breaking the bank!

Beauty Savings Account

Beauty Savings Account (B$A) Inc. allows members to obtain beauty products and services via their beauty savings account (B$A). It functions similarly to a health savings account (HSA) in that a specific amount of money (specified by the client) directly deposited from member’s checking account into the member’s account each pay period. Members have the ability to use this account for expensive beauty services (i.e. Botox, liposuction, hair extensions etc.). However, there is no pre-tax benefit and card usage is for beauty products and services only. Members will receive discounted services from cosmetic/beauty providers, account-linked debit card, hassle-free money from customized savings plan, and uninterrupted beauty maintenance due to lack of funding. If you do not have enough money at time of service, BSA will charge a flat fee (.10 or .15 cent per dollar) to ensure you never miss a beauty appointment!

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